NetZoom 12.0

It can create quality network diagrams, floor layouts and rack elevations
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Altima Technologies, Inc.

NetZoom is a DataCenter Worker Solutions that helps professionals design and document the physical infrastructure of networks and datacenters. NetZoom enables creation of quality network diagrams, floor layouts, and rack elevations. It has been the perfect companion software solution for Microsoft Visio. At its core is the world’s largest library of manufacturer specific hardware shapes and stencils and a revolutionary set of tools.

The latest release of NetZoom offers many new features that are often found in enterprise level datacenter management applications. These include a variety of automation tools, productivity tools, and explorer panes which allow you to manage your projects with ease.

Main Features:

- World's Largest Library of Equipment Shapes and Stencils
- DataCenter & RackBuilder Wizard
- Auto Diagrams
- Auto Layouts
- Auto Reports
- Import from Spreadsheets and Diagrams
- Configurator and Favorites
- Property Manager
- Project Explorer
- Custom Watermarks
- Library Access from a Remote Server

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